Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios

CHF 2'450.00

The Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios is undoubtedly a Cuban masterpiece that will amaze aficionados. Already flawless on the outside, it delights with its versatile aroma variety, even burn and dense smoke. This impressive cigar in Estupendos format with a ring gauge of 52 and a length of 14 centimeters offers about an hour of exciting smoking pleasure and is particularly appreciated by connoisseurs, due to its strength.

Already the cold smell seduces with delicate chocolate notes, which continue in the smoke. Roasted aromas are present from the start, accompanied by sweet wood and typical Cuban terroir. The pleasant spice accompanies the entire smoke, and subtle notes of moss complement the wood flavors. The smoke is dense throughout and pleasingly creamy and sweet.

The appearance of the Genios already suggests its importance. Thanks to the very mature Maduro wrapper, it is dark in color. The finish is visually almost perfect, exclusively from
Habanos S.A
The iconic banderole makes the hearts of cigar lovers beat faster. The Maduro range has been on sale since 2007 and continues the original cigar tradition of Cuba, which owes the strong taste of the cigar to the special fermentation steps of the tobacco.

The latest creation from the prestigious house of Cohiba is called Maduro 5. This new premium series includes three cigar formats: Genios, Magicos and Secretos, perfect for any
Each of them is of the highest quality and wrapped in a wrapper that has matured for a proud five years. In the manufacture of these cigars are used only the best varieties of tobacco from Cuba.

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Dimensions140 × 20.64 mm