Paratagas 155 Aniversario – Salomones – Single cigar

CHF 250.00

The Partagas 155 Aniversario – Salomones is a cigar that was launched to celebrate the 155th anniversary of the Partagas brand in Havana in November 2000. This limited edition is a true masterpiece in terms of craftsmanship and tobacco quality.

Each cigar is unique and offers a complex flavor profile. The Salomones formats are known for their long smoking time and thus offer a special enjoyment experience for cigar lovers.

The humidor in which the Partagas 155 Aniversario is presented is a beautiful masterpiece that is loaded with 155 cigars. The humidor consists of a base and four fold-out drawers that provide optimal storage. From this beautiful humidor we have individual salomones for sale.

Discover the Partagas 155 Aniversario – Salomones and enjoy a cigar perfect for special occasions. With its unique flavor profile and limited availability, this cigar is an absolute must for all cigar lovers.

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Dimensions235 × 22.6 cm