Burberrys Whisky 12 years

CHF 70.00

Immerse yourself in the world of rare
Burberrys Whiskies
with the 12 year old blend. This whiskey is very rich and smooth, with a sweet and rich flavor enhanced by a touch of peat. During aging, the whiskey has gained complexity and has become even softer and more rounded.

Burberrys put years of experience and the highest level of craftsmanship into the production of these impressive whiskies. Today, the whiskies of the brand are no longer produced. Therefore, we offer you a rare opportunity to acquire this blend in small quantity.

Discover the rarity and exquisite taste of this 12-year-old Burberrys whiskey before it’s too late. As a lover of rare and high quality
you should take this unique opportunity to get hold of this jewel for your collection. Order today and enjoy this exceptional whiskey to the fullest!



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70 cl

Alcohol content

40% vol.