Cohiba Novedosos

CHF 150.00

Cohiba Novedosos – Single cigar
CHF 150.00

A new format in the Cohiba family. The Cohiba Novedosos is a Robustos Extra with a length of 156 mm. The Cohiba Novedosos is an impressive cigar with a rich, earthy flavor that lasts from start to finish. This exclusive cigar is made from the best tobacco leaves and handmade by experienced rollers. The Cohiba Novedosos is a unique choice for cigar lovers looking for a high quality smoking experience. However, these cigars are very difficult to get. Try a Cohiba Novedosos today and experience the unique taste that only a Cohiba can offer. Order now from our store while stocks last. The noble box contains 25 pieces with the additional label for “Casa del Habano”.

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Dimensions135 × 20.64 cm