Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro – Single cigar – 5 Aniversario

CHF 80.00

The Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro cigar is a special creation launched for the fifth anniversary of the Vegas Robaina brand. During the 4th International Havana Festival in 2002, Alejandro Robaina, a legend in the world of tobacco growers and producers, personally signed some cigar boxes. We still have a few of these exceptional cigars in stock, which reflect the exclusive taste and quality of the Vegas Robaina brand.

This limited edition from 2002 is a true rarity and offers a unique taste experience not found anywhere else. Each cigar was rolled by hand and filled with tobaccos from the best growing regions of Cuba to create an exceptional flavor profile.

Experience the exclusive taste of Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro cigar – a limited edition from 2002, signed by Alejandro Robaina. Grab it fast while stocks last!

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Dimensions235 × 22.6 cm