Cohiba BHK Behike 56 – 2021/2022

CHF 295.00

Cohiba BHK Behike 56 - 2021/2022 – Box of 10
CHF 3'500.00
Cohiba BHK Behike 56 - 2021/2022 – Single cigar
CHF 295.00

Cohiba’s best-kept secret was revealed in 2010 at the 12th Festival del
announced as a new and exclusive line. The Cohiba Behike, available in three formats as BHK 52, BHK 54 and BHK 56, are produced and put on sale in extremely limited quantities each year.

Particularly noteworthy is the Cohiba Behike 56 from the exclusive Behike line. This
with limited production impresses with an exceptionally dense and intense flavor and is considered one of the best cigars on the market. Grab it now and enjoy an unforgettable smoking experience with this exclusive cigar.

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Dimensions166 × 22.2 cm