Cohiba Humidor Double Coronas – Edición Especial

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Cohiba Double Coronas Edición Especial – Palm Leaf: A Unique Cohiba Cigar

Cohibas with the Palm Leaf label, also known as Palm Leaf, are extremely rare. They were reserved exclusively for him in Fidel Castro’s time. Today they mostly appear in
special humidors
on special occasions. Therefore, they are often used as state or diplomatic gifts. The client is often a state institution such as “El Consejo del Estado”.

All cigars for these unique humidors are Cohibas specially selected from well-matured stocks. In 2022, the cigar manufacturer Laguito produced this humidor in a very small edition. This
contains 50 Cohiba Double Coronas.

The Cohiba Double Coronas are excellently rolled
They have a first-class draw with dreamy smoke notes and intense flavors that are clearly recognizable as Cohiba. Smoking this unique cigar is an inspiring moment that you should not miss.

Cohiba is a legendary brand in the world of premium cigars, an exclusive creation of
S.A. For over five decades, this iconic brand has been enjoyed by cigar lovers around the world. In addition, Cohiba cigars are known for their unsurpassed quality, exquisite taste and luxurious smoking experience.

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Dimensions194 × 19.45 mm

Double Coronas