Vegas Robaina Unicos – 5 Aniversario – Single cigar

CHF 65.00

Vegas Robaina Unicos cigars are a true jewel among Cuban cigars. They were issued for the fifth anniversary of the Vegas Robaina brand during the 4th International Havana Festival in 2002 and signed by Alejandro Robaina himself. We still have a few of these exceptional cigars in stock for a unique taste and an unforgettable experience.

Vegas Robaina Unicos cigars are handmade and consist of the finest tobaccos, carefully selected to achieve a perfect balance between flavor and aroma. Each cigar offers a complex flavor profile with notes of leather, wood and spices that harmonize perfectly.

Experience the exclusive taste of Vegas Robaina Unicos cigars signed by Alejandro Robaina for a unique story. Grab it quickly while stocks last to enjoy this special cigar.

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Dimensions235 × 22.6 cm