El Conde De Santiago – Especial

CHF 45.00

CHF 45.00
CHF 450.00

The Especial cigar from
El Conde de Santiago
is an exclusive creation produced in small quantities. In addition, we select only the best raw tobaccos and store them for at least two to three years before processing. This elaborate process allows us to ensure exceptional quality that is noticeable in every move.

This handmade
offers a complex aroma with harmonious notes of wood, spices and coffee that make it a unique taste experience.

Try now the Especial cigar from El Conde de Santiago and enjoy the masterful craftsmanship and carefully selected tobaccos that make this cigar very special. Discover the incomparable quality and unique taste of this exclusive cigar, a rich addition to any humidor.

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Dimensions165 × 22.6 mm