Montecristo Millennium Jar – 2000

CHF 3'500.00

The Montecristo Millennium Jar is a unique collector’s item for any cigar lover. On the occasion of the millennium in 2000, Habanos produced three different ceramic jars. This special Jar contains 25 Montecristo Robustos, handmade in 1999 and carefully stored.

The Montecristo Millennium Jar is not only an exquisite collectible, but also an unforgettable cigar experience. Known for their rich flavor and complexity, Montecristo Robustos offer an unparalleled smoking experience. Every puff on this cigar is a delight for the senses.

This Montecristo Jar is perfect for cigar lovers looking to expand their collection or looking for a unique gift for someone who appreciates fine indulgence. Order the Montecristo Millennium Jar today and enjoy one of the best cigars in the world in a stunning collectible!

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Dimensions170 × 17.07 cm