Cohiba Piramides Extra – Single cigar – Vintage 2012

CHF 140.00

Enjoy the exclusive taste experience of the
Cohiba Piramides Extra
, which is made from the finest raw materials. This unique cigar from
S.A. is the first Piramide from Cohiba that is not produced as a special edition and is now finally available – but only in limited quantities. Already in the Habanos Festival 2012 it was presented for the first time and since then it enjoys great popularity among aficionados around the world.

Immerse yourself in the world of Cohiba and let yourself be enchanted by this
with its intense aroma and incomparable smoking experience! Try the Cohiba Piramides Extra and discover the refined flavors that make this cigar a true masterpiece. But don’t wait too long, because due to their limitation it might be difficult to get them yet! Order this cigar now for your
and treat yourself to this exclusive pleasure!

Additional information

Dimensions160 × 21.6 mm

Piramides Extra