El Conde De Santiago Piramide

CHF 55.00

CHF 55.00
CHF 550.00

Experience the exclusive El Conde De Santiago Piramide, an in-house creation made from hand-selected raw tobaccos. Our experienced tobacco masters have carefully selected only the best raw tobaccos, aged for at least 2-3 years before being made into a cigar. This long aging produces an incomparable aroma and a full-bodied taste that makes every puff a real pleasure.

is produced in small quantities to ensure the highest quality and exclusivity. Each cigar is made with great care and precision to ensure that it meets the high standards of our demanding customers.

Enjoy one of the best cigars you have ever tasted – the El Conde De Santiago Piramiede. Immerse yourself in the world of fine aromas and discover the unmistakable taste that makes this cigar something very special, a rich addition to any humidor.

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Dimensions155 × 24 mm