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At last year’s Habanos Festival 2023, Habanos S.A. presented
Habanos S.A.
proudly presented the new Partagas Linea Maestra. This exclusive master line, wrapped in an unusual yet elegant blue, will now expand the Partagas range with a premium series.

All three new formats in this series have a slightly rounded head shape, a feature not currently found in any other Habanos cigar range. The first impression of these cigars is surprisingly mild for a
Partagas blend
and offers a creamy smoking pleasure.

The Partagas Linea Maestra tobaccos undergo a special fermentation process, similar to the tobaccos from
which undergo several fermentation cycles. The sweetness of these tobaccos is significantly influenced by their position on the border between seco and ligero. In contrast, Volado tobacco, which grows further down the plant, tends to taste bitter.

The Linea Maestra is introduced as a premiere for the Cuban cigar conglomerate with a diameter of 46 to 56 ring gauge. The three variants in this series appear to be completely new, identified by the factory designations Deleites, Bondadosos and Gustosos.

Each box of the
Linea Maestra contains 20 cigars
and is designated as a special edition by the Partagas manufactory. Habanos S.A. emphasizes that the Linea Maestra is a tribute to the unique origin, acquired knowledge and tradition of Habanos, which makes it a ritual pleasure, and to the masters who make true masterpieces possible for enthusiasts.

We currently only have a few boxes in stock, which is why we can only offer them for sale individually. Each of these three fine and exceptional cigars belongs in every humidor.




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