Marquis de Montdidier Armagnac 1926

CHF 1'050.00

Armagnac is often wrongly said to be the little brother of Cognac. The history of Cognac goes back to the 17th century, while Armagnac was mentioned in documents as early as 1461. Even then, the distillate was used as medicine.

With the expertise of the Romans, the Gauls and the Moors, Armagnac was distilled and refined over centuries. Today enjoys this oldest French
high reputation. Armagnac comes from Gascony in southwestern France, where the corresponding grape varieties also grow and ripen. During distillation, this brandy is distilled only once and then aged in new oak barrels. These barrels are built from six-year aged holm oak wood and give Armagnac its brilliant amber color and distinctive bouquet. The longer the Armagnac is stored in the barrels, the higher the quality level.

The old vintages of Armagnac
Marquis de Montdidier
are true rarities. From this listed vintage we have only this one bottle left on offer. Do not hesitate and secure this special rarity now before it is sold out!

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70 cl

Alcohol content

40% vol.